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June 16, 2008



As someone who worked closely with the casting team, I can tell you that New Orleans was in contention, but after a casting session was held there, it was ruled out. A member of the team said the energy was just, well "weird," and they would prefer another location with fewer logistical challenges.

Third Coast Toast

Nice scoop! I had a lot of fun stalking Top Chef when they were filming in Chicago... I agree in hoping that the NYC top chef bloggers out there BRING US the juicy details! For anyone already missing season 4, here's all my chicago dish: www.thirdcoasttoast.com


So can we guess on who the guest judges will be? Since TC tends to pull them from previous "Food and Wine Best New Chef" winners, I would throw out:

David Chang (Momofuku)
Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park)
Jonathan Benno (Per Se)
April Bloomfield (The Spotted Pig, won in 2007)
Daniel Boulud

There's obviously many possibilities. I believe Bloomfield and Boulud have been on Top Chef before.


More guesses on judges ...
- Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin) DUH
- John Schaefer (Gramercy Tavern) this would be shocking given Colicchio's past there, but the makings of GOOD television
- Gavin Kaysen (Cafe Boulud) former The Next Iron Chef contestant
- Jacques Pepin (shame on you if you don't know this one) an idol of Colicchio's

I agree with David Chang and April Bloomfield as strong contenders


I was just @ a foo fighters concert in Rochestor NY. They said that TopChef was there taping the thanksgiving special. Dave Groell (lead singer) said that had 2 cook in toaster ovens but wasn't allowed 2 say anything else but acknowledged the cast watching from the audience


I just saw the Foo Fighters show in Rochester NY and went to Dinosaur BBQ after and Tom, Padma, Gail and what I assume was the cast were there. I tried to get a picture with Padma and Tom, but the flash didn't work, so I had to settle for a picture with just Padma (hubba hubba). I have to say, Padma and Gail are far prettier in person than they are on TV, I figured it would be quite opposite, because they look good on TV too.


I was at the new orleans casting call, and the talent was phenomenal. The only thing that was weird there was the energy coming from the casting crew. Snobbish bunch of weirdos.


Hotel Benjamin is where I heard its taking place at

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