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November 27, 2007



I ate there two week ago and had a great meal. They have choices for everyone.


The food is second-rate and the service is abysmal. Go here for the chops to say you at at Dave's and not because you will receive attentive service or a good meal. And don't bother complaining unless you like being screamed at by Dave.


We went there last night. The food was fantastic. Maybe they've worked out the kinks because it really was great. The mac n cheese was one of the best things I've eaten in a long time. Service was great. The salmon and the lobster ravioli were both terrific, too. Not too expensive for NYC. And the dessert was yummy- highly recommend the chocolate cake and the panna cotta.


I have been here a number of times, keep hoping it will get better. With all the new construction in the area it needs a good restaurant with a full bar. Crave is only a wine bar, which is too bad, the former place had a liquor license. The food is inconsistent, the service also inconsistent. Dave Martin is pretty arrogent for someone whos services we are paying for, and since his food does not always meet expectations, he should consider spending more time in the markets buying better quality ingredients, and more time in the kitchen cooking them better.

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