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February 14, 2007


Stephanie Faison of Restaurant PR, Inc.

I must say, I agree with most of the comments made by both PR people and the chefs: it is NOT possible to open a restaurant today under the radar. That said, if the people involved in the restaurant are not known quantities, they stand a better chance of not igniting any interest, and opening slowly. Obviously, that's not the best case scenario.

I'm not sure the old-fashioned way of opening can work today, that of the soft opening, where at first you serve only family and friends for a few days and charge nothing, then follow that with a period of discounted food and beverage until the restaurant is ready and it's full prices for all. Once you're serving full price, diners have a right to expect full service, in every sense of the word.

And let's face it: when notables are involved, people will talk. We all know it, and we all need to be prepared to have the conversation...any time.

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