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November 07, 2006


The Hamburgler

Ate there last weekend. Great burger. Especially if you like your pattie seasoned with pepper. Excellent meat-to-LTOP-to-MKM-to-bun ratio.
My one major problem was the combo deal, $15 for a burger, fries and canned beer. Comparatively, a la carte is $7.50 for a cheese burger, $3.00 for fries and $3-$4 for a canned beer (depending on brand). What kind of combo deal is that?!? Shouldn't a combo deal offer you value and not be more expensive then a la carte. Obviously the Frenchman doesn't get all "Americana".


Yeah, I was told they did 440 covers! that's NUTS! Amazing how New Yorkers love their burgers! I think they are quite yummy... They are pulling things together over there... :)


it's BLT for chrissake, not BTL! as in bistro laurent tourondel!!

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