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February 13, 2006



Dinosaur BBQ is serving regular menu


That's a real useful list. We loathe special menus. They rarely represent what the restaurant can do, and they are often simply mediocre.

We once had booked in to Patina in LA on Valentine's Day meal and we were underwhelmed. Since then, we've been more cautious, but now and then we still get holidayed. We don't even like Thanksgiving Day special menus. We used to go to Molyvos so we could get ABT, anything but turkey. At least they are true to the food.

madame snack

perhaps no-holiday-menu lists will become the new holiday tradition at snack


Hey thanx a lot for all the references.... But, I wont agree on "no romance just good food" for 'YUVA', as I felt every bit of romance when we were there the other night, the atmosphere was so happy & food was definately the best Indian We ever had.... just everything about this place felt soooooo right.... You know what I mean? :)
We go there at least twice a week now hehe..
LOVE it there!

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