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February 15, 2006



i love you. Foams are great because they are a hint of taste. Let's face some diners don't take hints well, wich should leave room at these places for people that do. I promise not to go to 21 club if these guys promise to leave room on the reservation list of Urena. Deal?




That "foam" is out and "espuma" is in, means that Americans are learning to cook and eat on Spanish terms rather than French terms as has been traditional for fine food since Jefferson. Certainly there's nothing to fear about foam until it becomes a tired cliché. Adrià himself, claimed to have moved on to "aire" sometime ago. I guess there are those who appreciate a good head on a glass of beer and those who feel they are getting more for their money when the bartender fills the glass to the brim with liquid. For some, it's not worth the tab unless it fills your stomach.


Espuma or foam... the way he prepares it is diferent, the result too. Ferran's foam or espuma or mousse, called it as you wich is something that is a real inovation in cunilary word.

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