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February 26, 2007


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oh, snack, don't be so hard on yourself. you'll always be a list to me


Apparently, b list is the place to be then. Love your blog.


Well,Ilan's a fag, and I don't mean homosexual. He's a nancy, girlie-man, spineless, celebrity whore wannabe whose taste in clothes and accessories only shows his incredible inability to understand what is important. What a fag.


With the goods like yours, b list? Surely you jest.


just remember Ilan is originally from Great Neck , Long Island, so he probably was wealthy already or at least got a good deal on that watch,


Some months ago, my wife and I sat at the food bar at Casa Mono. Ilan spent the entire time talking to us while cooking. I don't know why he's getting a bad wrap from so many people. He was down-to-earth and welcomed the conversation. Nothing about him came across spineless, girlie-man, or celeb wanna-be. He just won top chef - that's gonna inflate anybody's ego for a bit.


Bravo's The Dish has put up this story today: Ilan Hall's Bling, referencing your blog report: http://www.bravotv.com/blog/thedish/2007/02/ilan_halls_bling.php



That is the watch he was seen wearing, and it is not a 11 grand patek phillipe.

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